Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of ("we", "our", or "us")

We at DancesGreetings prioritize your privacy and ensure the security of the personal information you entrust with us. This Privacy Policy outlines our practices concerning data collection, usage, and disclosure.

1. Data Collection
We gather the following personal details:

  • Name: Recorded during the ordering phase.
  • Email: Used for correspondence and delivering your videos.
  • Payment Details: Required to manage payments for orders.
  • Images: Used to craft videos delivered to you.

2. Purpose of Data Usage
Your data assists us in:

  • Video Production & Distribution: Utilizing images for video creation and your email for delivery.
  • Order Management: Using your name, email, and payment details to manage your orders.
  • Communication: Corresponding with you about orders via email.

3. Data Sharing
While your images are shared with video creators, we ensure other personal details are not disclosed to external entities.

4. Data Storage Duration
Your data is stored only for the period required to complete your order. Images are deleted post video delivery.

5. Your Rights
As a user, you're entitled to:

  • Access: Request an overview of your data in our system.
  • Rectification: Correct inaccuracies in the stored data.
  • Deletion: Ask for your data's removal.

6. Policy Revisions
Our Privacy Policy may undergo updates to align with changing practices or regulations. Regularly reviewing this policy on our website is recommended.

For inquiries regarding this policy, please get in touch at