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Blessings from African Girls

Blessings from African Girls

Обычная цена $33.50 USD
Обычная цена $45.99 USD Цена со скидкой $33.50 USD
Распродажа Продано
Стоимость доставки рассчитывается при оформлении заказа.

🎉All types of Messages possible, Speak in all languages: English, German,Dutch,etc

🎉Delivery time: 1-3 days, Video is delivered via email.

team name
no larger than 20mb for the file size
no larger than 20mb for the file size
The actors pose with your custom content, which you can print as a keepsake.
Let use edit your video and make it more special!
("star of Africa" team can't be shot vertically)

Customizations Total: $0.00


1. Choose the blessing team you like.

2. Pen a brief message you'd like our team to convey. This will be added to the poster and voiced in the video.

3. Choose your favorite song, click "I want to specify a music" and enter a YouTube Music link, if not, we will choose it for you ( faster & better rhythm ).

4. We provide some additional paid services. If necessary, please check and fill in the relevant information.

5. Await our email containing the video, which will arrive in 1-3 days. Ensure you peek into your spam just in case!the video, which will arrive in 1-3 days. Ensure you peek into your spam just in case!


Not at all! We craft videos for a plethora of events, be it graduations, job promotions, Mother’s Day, Christmas, etc.


We need 1-3 Days to deliver the order, However, during peak times with higher order volumes, there might be minor delays. We can only do a specific number of orders per day. So please wait a few days before you message us.

Can I specify when a YouTube link should start playing?

Yes, please note the number of seconds the BGM starts when placing your order.

How long is a video?

One video will last 40-60 seconds.

After delivering the video, I found an error in the video. Can I modify it?

1. When the video is completed according to the customer's customized requirements, re-shooting is not allowed. Because our African friends have a very hard time shooting in the hot sun, so please confirm when filling in the customized content or contact us by email in time. Customer service, thank you for your understanding!

2. If the video violates the customer's customization requirements due to our work errors, we will handle it for you to your satisfaction!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Sophia Anderson

I created this video for a company's new product launch to serve as a highlight of the event and pique the interest of attendees.

Benjamin Carter

This video served as a special blessing to my friend at her farewell party and left an unforgettable memory.

Innovatively Delightful Surprise

Highlight of our party, so creative


This video is the best way to convey emotions. Our whole family was deeply moved.


As a family event highlight, the custom video was superb, earning praise from my teenage son.